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Quote of the Day - This is like saying we need to have a stricter speed limit, but for now everyone can go faster. It makes no sense to allow pollution to increase when you're saying you need stronger protection. - David Baron

Diesel Emission Limits Under Study

An internal EPA report recommends tightening the standards for soot emissions. The Washington Times notes that this report may result in stricter standards for diesel emissions.

The standards already in place from the Clinton era address soot emissons below 15 micrograms of soot per cubic meter of air. Although in place since 1997, these standards have been the subject of several challenges.

In the draft report, EPA staff analysis recommends the allowable concentrations be reduced further, possibly as much as 50 percent for the 24-hour standard and 20 percent for the annual average standard.

Bill Kovacs of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce claims that more regulation will cost U.S. businesses between $50 to $150 billon dollars. American Lung Association representatives seemed pleased with the report. The ALA originally criticized the EPA for failing to adopt these tighter standards in 1997.

Glen Kedzie, Assistant General and Environmental Counsel for the American Trucking Association has been leading the fight against tighter standards.

An EPA spokesperson said that the 442-page report was in draft form and had not yet been reviewed by other scientific peers. New regulations are not expected until after 2005.

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