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Quote of the Day - Let's stop doing out-of-context, ad-hoc, survival budgets that take us nowhere except to the next crisis. - Carol Moran

Litigation + Budget Crisis = Taxifornia

Some seven months after introducing the bill, California State Senator Joe Dunn's SB 796 looks poised to pass into law. It may be a first for the Left Coast.

The bill empowers workers to sue bosses over wage and hour violations. Given the State's budget crises, it appears that the Labor and Workforce Development Agency doesn't have the budget for enforcement.

Instead, Senator Joe Dunn promises to put that power in the hands of the people. Unfortunately for the worker, however, the recovery is split three ways, with the worker getting only 25%, and the other 75% flowing into the State's hands. Now that's a creative way to solve California's budget crisis. The Assembly just passed the bill, so it's on to the Governor's office.

Will Gray Davis sign it? Does he need votes?

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 9/13/2003 at 06:42 Comments (0)


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