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Reel Reviews - Bullitt

Here's Michael W. Geoghegan's Reel Review #15:

“You work your side of the street and I’ll work mine.” Time to go back to 1968 for a terrific cop drama. Yeah, it is a little slow for the MTV generation - but real life moves along at an ordinary pace. Cops don’t really get in shootouts every ten minutes. This film is driven forward by Steve McQueen’s portrayal of Lt. Frank Bullitt. Better yet, Bullitt has what many consider to be the best car chase scene ever to be put on film. I also announce the winner of the Bullitt DVD giveaway. Buckle up - it is time for Bullitt!

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Editor's note:
If you're at all interested in Podcasting, Mike's Podcast About The Podcast is essential reading. You can listen here.

Posted by Michael W. Geoghegan on 12/31/2004 at 11:29 Comments (0)


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