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Quote of the Day - Joel: "That's the movies, Ed. Try reality." Ed: "No thanks." - Ellen Herman, Northern Exposure

MIPTC Goes To The Movies

Hold on to your computer chairs. MIPTC is going to make a few (more) changes.

On Fridays, you'll be able to hear Reel Reviews from the MWGblog. My friend, Michael Geoghegan, publishes his movie reviews, and they've taken off like wildfire. Actually, he podcasts his reviews, which is why you'll be able to listen.

Never fear, you don't need an iPod. You don't need to have a Mac.

All you need you already have (presumably):

Speakers? Check.
Windows Media Player (or equivalent)? Check.

That's it. Simple.

Rest assured that Michael is not going to just review any movie. He's going to review movies for MIPTC, and that means ... surprise ... lawyer movies, and movies about the law. But, so that you and I don't get bored, we're going to take Matthew Homan's advice, and expand your horizons.

Sure, we're planning on Atticus Finch and some other famous (ahem) lawyers, but also movies above and beyond the law.

Movies you "need" to see, and hopefully broaden yours and my horizons.

So, grab your popcorn, sit back and relax, on Friday, we're going to the movies!

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 12/14/2004 at 16:35 Comments (0)


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