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Dying for a Discount At Costco

I've been trying to get to some substantive legal news, really, I have. It's just that our appellate courts haven't been cooperating issuing decisions that are covered here. OK, maybe I'll just have to dig deeper. But first, here's this one that I just couldn't resist:

Big box retailer Costco has added caskets to its inventory. Not yet available online, the retailer has offered them in only two Chicago area test stores so far.

I've got a few questions first. Where in the store? Next to the cigarettes?

Not that I'm dying to buy one, but do I have to buy them in a jumbo pack? Or do they come family size, and three-fourths of the casket will go to waste if I need to buy only one? If I decide to put a casket in my basket, will it tip over? Is my truck big enough to hold it? How do I unload it at the gravesite?

Buying caskets at a discount is a good idea, but perhaps Costco is not the best place to make that purchase. At least, though, if you get the casket there, you can get flowers, too.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 9/13/2004 at 09:12 Comments (0)


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