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Quote of the Day - How can the spirit of the earth like the white man? ... Everywhere the white man has touched it, it is sore. - An Old Wintu Indian Woman

Meanwhile, the Merced River Keeps Flowing

It's Earth Day, and true to form, a decision came down yesterday regarding Yosemite. (Great view of Half Dome).

The decision has everyone up in arms. No two environmentalists agree that we're going in the right direction.

Well, actually, we're not going anywhere. Progress, in whatever form you want to call it, was halted. To the tune of stopping all work on a whopping $441M project.

Some say the project would protect the Merced River (this link gives you the plan that was halted). According to the Stockton, CA, "The entire valley plan rests upon an invalid river plan. We don't think we should have to hear a nail, a hammer, a chain saw in the entire valley until there's a valid plan in place," said Adair, whose organization sued and won the order along with Mariposans for Environmentally Responsible Growth.

Another environmental group is decidedly unhappy. Again, quoting the paper, "Congratulations -- they've just handed the job of planning Yosemite's future to the Bush administration," said Jay Watson of the Wilderness Society. "This could throw the whole process open, and there's no telling what future plans might look like."

Can't leave it like it is (link to a bevy of Yosemite web cams) because it will damage the river. Can't fix it because it will damage the river.

The only one that didn't win here was the river.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 4/23/2004 at 12:52 Comments (0)


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