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Quote of the Day - The trouble is that everyone talks about reforming others, and no one thinks about reforming himself. - St. Peter of Alcantara

I'm Hacked Off

MIPTC GOT HACKED! The site's been down for a day and a half, and we're still trying to get rid of all of the text and graphics, which is apparently still embedded deep in the site. We're working on it. (You can scroll down to read the message, posted on Tuesday).

Obviously, I don't agree with the message.

I also don't know who did it, and a search for Net Devil reveals that this hacking technique is likely a Trojan horse. The Net Devil website has no information and instead provides an error message.

I guess it's a form of internet graffiti. Now I'll just have to learn How to Become A Hacker.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 2/26/2004 at 13:28 Comments (1)



Comments by Casey from United States on Friday, February 27, 2004 at 18:34

You might try contacting the chap at, as the hack is leeching images from that site. He could very well have referrer logs to tell you who the hack could be. Take it from a computer forsenic person in traning. ;-)
Love the blog.


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