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Quote of the Day - Habit is the nursery of errors. - Victor Hugo

Different Rx Needed for Third Leading Cause of Death: Medical Errors

That's right: unless you're having a heart attack or suffering from cancer, you may be better off not seeking medical care.  According to the Washington Post, the medical industry itself is the third leading cause of death.  In fact, you're less likely to die if you get respiratory disease, accidents, stroke or Alzheimer's, which are respectively the fourth to seventh leading causes of death.

Thanks Obama.   

Or perhaps its more accurate to look at other causes.  There's the cost-cutting pressure put on the medical industry by the insurance industry.  Doctors have convinced legislatures across the country to cap and cut back on medical malpractice awards.  Medical Boards have rubber-stamped admissions from overseas medical universities without ensuring compliance with standards set for US medical schools.  There's a host of factors to consider.

Maybe we need a House-style diagnostic to identify the real problem.   

Whatever it is, perhaps lawyers aren't the unhappiest profession after all. 

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 5/3/2016 at 14:47 Comments (0)


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