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Quote of the Day - Until you get to step on the ice with him every day, you don't realize how much he puts into it. - Dallas Drake

Four Young Men Building Ice Rink Nabbed By Cops


That's what my fiance' would say.  And she would say it with that laughable sound of disgust that we, as men, know all too well. 

So, you have to read the headline with that sound in mind.  Go ahead:  go back up there and read it again.

Now listen:  "Boys."  Got it now?  Alright.  With that, we can get started. 

Think about it.  In Chicago this time of year, it's below freezing.  If you missed that class in high school physics, water freezes below 32 degrees.  Enough to form ice.  Plus, those young men (ok, "Boys") were also big hockey fans.  You know, the kind that skate on ice and slap a black puck into a net on the other side of the ice rink.  So, it didn't take much to put 2 and 2 together and get an ice rink.

Four college age guys (ok, "Boys") got one of their Dads to underwrite their efforts to build an ice skating rink out in the backyard.  Just like the one in Rockafeller Center, but, well, without the tree, the music, the decorations and all those skaters.  Well, perhaps not at all like Rockafeller Center, except for the ice rink part.  So, you and your bros (ok, "Boys") go to the local lumber store and build yourselves an ice rink. A regulation-sized ice rink, complete with a penalty box (make your own joke here, this one's just too easy).

The only problem with the gents' (ok, "Boys")  plan revolves around the garden hose.  Trying to fill up a 91'x43' rink with a garden hose is like trying to drink a pond dry with a straw.  It just takes too long for four impatient players (ok, "Boys") to get on the ice.

Like most enterprising builders, they looked around for a solution.  They spotted a fire hydrant at a next-door school, and borrowed a fire hose from a buddy (not a "Boy") who worked at a local fire department. 

Viola', problem solved.  The ice rink filled up quickly, but not quickly enough that a school janitor spotted the fire hose attached to the fire hydrant, and heard the water running in the hose.  Like a good citizen janitor, he called the cops.

Using their honed detection skills, the cops followed the fire hose to the ice rink and nabbed the Boys (yes, at this point, they're now full-fledged Boys).  Read the story for the details, but suffice it to say that the four Boys have agreed to split the court court costs and the expected $130.00 fine for the cost of the school's water.

Next year, I'll bet that these young men (not Boys any more) will wait out the time it takes to fill the ice rink using the garden hose.  Just a guess.


Posted by J. Craig Williams on 12/18/2011 at 16:51 Comments (0)


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