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Quote of the Day - A hug is the perfect gift; one size fits all, and nobody minds if you exchange it. - Unknown

Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Dips Into The Holiday Gift-giving Spirit

The holiday season is upon us-and we would like to wish all our listeners out there a happy holiday! On this week's Lawyer2Lawyer, we will celebrate the holidays by spotlighting three very special attorneys who are spreading some holiday cheer in some shape or form this holiday season!  Please join me and my fellow attorneys and co-host Bob Ambrogi as we welcome Attorney Larry Savell from the law firm of Chadbourne & Parke LLP, to talk about his new album, Season's Briefings from the LawTunes.  In addition, Bob and I invite Attorney Reid Trautz of fame to share his gift ideas with his The 2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers and Attorney Lisa Solomon, Co-founder of The Billable Hour Company, to talk about her one-of-a-kind gifts and greeting cards for legal professionals.  Click on the podcast icon below and give a listen!

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 12/18/2009 at 09:46 Comments (1)



Comments by Bankruptcy Attorney from United States on Monday, December 21, 2009 at 00:01

Attorney as “the authority to act for another person in specified legal or financial matters”. In other words, granting someone a power of attorney empowers that person to manage your financial or legal affairs within defined boundaries.The person authorizing the other to act is the “Principal” and the one authorized to act is the “Agent” or “Attorney In Fact” (AIF).


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