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Quote of the Day - It takes a smart man to know he's stupid. - Barney Rubble

Measure H is for High, not Hereditary Genetics

Ya gotta love California. Out here on the left coast, we're just a bunch of wierdniks. Mendocino County will vote on March 2 (fittingly Dr. Seuss' birthday) whether to approve a first-in-the-nation ballot measure that would prohibit genetically modified plants and animals from being raised or kept in the county.

Ironically, products that are genetically engineered will still be allowed to be sold on store shelves. This contradiction could only happen in the county where the largest cash crop is marijuana, and the first county in the country to decriminalize marijuana.

It only makes sense here, where the district attorney is a Libertarian who served time in prison on tax charges and its sheriff is an outspoken proponent of medicinal marijuana.

Go figure.

It's become a bit of a battle. Proponents have a Measure H website, and the California Plant Health Association sued to get the language changed in Measure H, but lost.

Any county that legalizes marijuana is bound to disapprove of genetically altered plants. The people there must think the only things that should be altered are their minds, not their food. Get the whole store here.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 1/10/2004 at 15:01 Comments (0)


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