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Quote of the Day - Juvenile delinquency is a modern term for what we did when we were kids. - Unknown

News Flash: Florida First Grader Robs Classmate Of $1.00 At Knifepoint

Think about those headlines for a minute.  There are so many incongruities there I don't know where to start.  Just so you have all of the facts, you can check out this Orlando Sentinel story first.  Let me remind you of just two other facts beyond those in the headline:  (1) kitchen knife; and, (2) school bathroom.

There you have it.

Well, let me mention one more fact ratted out by a third kid who just happened to be nearby in what might qualify as blackmail uttered by the perp:  "If you tell anyone, I'm going to bring my Dad's gun and shoot you." 

Now that you've sat down and digested what seems impossible, let's look at what's going on here.  There are three troubling aspects in this story:  first, perhaps, there's the fact that a first-grader (that's a seven-year old, who may have been "held back" a year or just has a very early birthday), with a kitchen knife at school.  When I was seven, I'm not even sure I knew what a knife was.  Sure, my mother had them on the countertop when she cooked, but we hadn't even started whittling in Cub Scouts yet.  Even when we did start, we got the "Dad talk" of never pointing it at someone else.

Let alone robbing another kid's milk money.  In the school bathroom.  And don't get fooled by the $1.00.  That's just the start.  As he gets older, he'll figure out how to add zeros.  Just think Madoff and you can do the math.

Then there's the lawyer.  Try to wrap your head around that attorney-client conversation.  "Billy [not his real name], tell me what you did with the knife.  Now, where did you spend the money?"  Yes, certainly everyone's entitled to representation, but come on, a first-grader? 

Not a high-priced, high-falutin' Philadelphia lawyer, as my grandfather would say.

That's a conversation between Mom, Dad, the kid and the principal, with an apology to the victim.  And yes, the kid/robber (what else do you call him) gets expelled from school with a trip to the woodshed.  Instead, the lawyer says the kid was just playing and shouldn't be expelled.


Where has our common sense gone?

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 12/18/2008 at 11:16 Comments (0)


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