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Quote of the Day - Iraqi's minister of information did not show up for his press conference today. ... However, he claims he was there and he said it went very well. - David Letterman

ALM's Legal Tech West Conference Storms Los Angeles

American Lawyer Media brought its Legal Tech West trade show to Los Angeles yesterday and today, and MIPTC scouted it out for you.  As regular readers know, I'm a tech geek, but stop just short of carrying a pocket protector.  Disclosure here:  MIPTC is a member of's legal blog network, and is an ALM company.  With that out of the way, let's get to the show.

The great majority of the vendors at the show present various forms of eDiscovery, from gathering and processing large amounts of electronic data to summarizing and reviewing it.  Surprisingly, there are two big accounting firms offering their services and a number of very small providers.  Perhaps not surprising, there are an equal number of copy service companies offering their services.  You can see the list here.

Monica Bay, the editor of ALM's Legal Technology News, hosted a great blogger's breakfast that included the likes of fellow blogger and author Carolyn Elefant who writes My Shingle to comparatively new blogger, Cary Calderone of Sand Hill Law, who publishes the long-winded title of Document Retention and Electronic Discovery Hot Topics.  During the breakfast, I signed my new How to Get Sued books for the attendees.

But there's one hopeful takeaway from the conference:  no more spam.  There's a hardware product out of Irvine, California in Orange County, just down the road from the conference by a guy who got frustrated with spam in his inbox and decided to do something about it.  The result is a piece of hardware called Sendio, and it guarantees 100% no spam, no phishing, no viruses and no malware.

Now before you get too excited, stay tuned.  MIPTC is going to test drive this product over the next thirty days, and give you a report as the trial progresses.  Sendio is going to send and install the product on our firm's email Exchange server and we'll see if it blocks what they say it does.  I will say now that I get from 30-60 junk emails a day. 

You'll get a full report.  What will happen?

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