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Quote of the Day - I suppose that now if I ever wrote a play about myself I'd be sued for plagiarism. - Dorothy Parker

How to Get Sued Released By Kaplan Publishing, Hits Number 1 On Best Seller List

At the Book Expo America publishing trade show this weekend, my book, How to Get Sued was launched, and I had the pleasure of being hosted by Kaplan Publishing at their exhibitor's booth, which included a wine and cheese party Friday afternoon and dinner at Paperfish Saturday night. 

Lisa and I had a wonderful time with my editor, Susan Barry, publisher Maureen McMahon and the sales team of Elizabeth Pollack, Jennifer Farthing, Jason O'Connor and several Kaplan stalwarts.  Admittedly a great time was had by all, but the impression I'm left with about this whole process is overwhelming.

The publisher and her staff tried to prepare me for the sheer volume of books that would debut along with mine, but I sincerely had no idea.  Two entire halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center were full to the brim, left to right, front to back with not an inch to spare anywhere.

I had no idea there were so many books out there.  As it says in the Desiradata poem, there will always be those who are lesser and greater than yourself.  To prove it, Simon & Shuster (which formerly owned Kaplan) hosted an invitation-only at Prince's (of the "artist formerly known as Prince" fame) house for one of  it's book launches.  I'm not complaining mind you, but it would have been cool to score a ticket to the purple mansion. 

Which makes me just that much more grateful to report that when How to Get Sued's release opened today, it hit number one on the Amazon best seller list.  I realize this list is fickle and it changes hourly, but for a brief moment, it was number one.  It's still number one on two of Amazon's best seller lists in the law category, thanks very much to you.

So, tell others, keep buying and thank you very much.  If you do buy a copy and want it autographed, send it to me.  I'll sign it and handle the postage to send it back to you. 

Plus, if you go on Kaplan's site, you can get the additional chapter bonus materials for free.


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