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Quote of the Day - The meek may inherit the earth, but the other kind inherits the mortgage. - Noah Goldstein

Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Deals with Homewreckers

This week's Lawyer2Lawyer discusses the sub-prime mortgage mess, foreclosures and housing downturn. The real estate world is stagnant and the U-S is now involved in a huge housing crisis leading many to take advantage and prey on vulnerable homeowners and Mortgage fraud is one product of the fall of the housing market.

Please join me and my fellow blogger and Bob Ambrogi, as we turn to the experts, real estate insider, Richard Hagar and Attorney Melissa Huelsman, to discuss the ins and out of the real estate crisis and mortgage fraud. We highlight the Operation Homewrecker prosecution case, the rise in mortgage fraud and discuss how to protect yourself from mortgage fraud and rise above the present real estate crisis.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 4/4/2008 at 17:10 Comments (0)


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