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MIPTC's Occasional Book Review: Debra Galant's Fear and Yoga In New Jersey

Let me state what is perhaps obvious here.  I am not Jewish and I am not a woman.  I am, however, a writer, and this author is a writer's writer.  Those things said, Fear and Yoga In New Jersey is a must read, even if you are none of these things.  You might even learn a few words. 

You certainly will be entertained.

Debra Galant strikes at fear - fear of losing your job, fear of being labeled a terrorist, fear of social circles and soccer moms and their yoga classes in New Gyr-zee.  She satirizes the New Jersey suburbs with reckless abandon and delivers a solid winner.  Her son struggles with his Jewish heritage questioning whether to have a Bar Mitzvah, all while Mom has enrolled the family in the Unitarian Church.

It's these polar opposites, which have so much in common, that Galant delivers on a skewer in this crazy, twisted tale of suburbanhood.  When you pick up your copy, buy an extra or two as a gift.  Your friends will be glad you did. 

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 4/18/2008 at 01:52 Comments (0)


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