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Quote of the Day - The most anxious man in a prison is the governor. - George Bernard Shaw

Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio has Deja Vu As We Look Back On Prison Release

Please join me and my fellow attorney Bob Ambrogi, and co-host and and blogger for legal analysis on the Tavares case, and the effect this case may have on Mitt Romney's run for the Presidency.

Was the Massachusetts judge who released Daniel Tavares from prison within bounds?  Lawyer 2 Lawyer welcomes Attorney and WBZ News reporter Dan Rea, also host of WBZ Radio's NightSide with Dan Rea and David Frank, attorney and reporter from Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 12/3/2007 at 14:41 Comments (1)



Comments by David Carroll from United States on Wednesday, December 05, 2007 at 17:27

I listened to the podcast. I am not a Mitt Romney supporter (or detractor). I think Dan Rea's comments bordered on the absurd.
It is absurd to focus on a tragic result to criticize Mr. Romney if there was no reason to question his judicial appointment.
Tavares was a bad guy, but he had served his sentence and had not yet been convicted of the in-prison murders. Mr. Rea was out of line.
Mr. Romney could well be criticized for judging the actions of the judge without investigating the facts.


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