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Quote of the Day - Due to the shape of the North American Elk's esophagus, even if it could speak, it could not pronounce the word "lasanga." - Cliff Clavin, "Cheers"

Bulletproof Vests for Wolves

A judge in Alaska has refused to block hunters from shooting wolves from airplanes. The refusal has sparked a promise to boycott the State's $2 billion tourism industry.

10 years ago, the environmental group Friends of Animals was successful with the boycott, and stopped a previous attempt to allow aerial hunting. Some Alaskans don't agree with the plan, either. The Humane Society is against it, too.

Apparently, the State's 1997 sterilization program didn't work. According to the Alaska Daily News, "The state has shot, trapped, transported and sterilized thousands of wolves since statehood in 1959. Many hunters, biologists and game managers maintain that killing or removing predators from small areas at the right time can help moose and caribou stocks rebound."

Now, animal rights groups are providing bulletproof vests for the wolves. I guess that's better than adopting a wolf and bringing it into your home.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 12/6/2003 at 11:35 Comments (0)


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