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Quote of the Day - I can remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty - George Burns

New USEPA Chief to Speak About Clean Air Plan

In about an hour, we'll hear the first public speech from the new USEPA chief, Mike Leavitt, Utah's former governor.

In case you're wondering about Leavitt's policies, click here. Here's what he has said about the environment.

According to a USEPA press release, "Leavitt has repeatedly stated that 'environmental protection needs to be more than an agency – it needs to be an ethic,'" a statement that doesn't appear on this
full quote page.

In any event, Leavitt's talk should identify where the USEPA will be going in the near future. So far, his past has not met with much support. CNN reported that environmental groups were not pleased with his nomination.

But, let's give him a chance. Leavitt's speech is expected to detail a nationwide clean air plan. No matter what he says, though, vocal critics of the USEPA's relaxation of air rules will surely speak out after the talk.

You can read about it here tomorrow.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 12/2/2003 at 07:13 Comments (0)


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