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Quote of the Day - Be grateful for what you have. - Anonmyous

Holidays, Friends, Great Food and Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas and Chanauka and Kwanzaa are just around the corner.

Ramadan is over, as well as Los Dias de los Muertos.

Whew! Did I cover all the bases? Personally, I celebrate Haloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't even think I get the other days off.

So in this brief interlude, I'm catching up on sleep (something that's sorely lacking these days) and got to get away this weekend. Of course, before I could I had to go over billing and finish preparing for an arbitration early next week. That took up a fair chunk of yesterday and today. Do I sound like I'm complaining?

If so, I really don't mean to be that way. I'm up at the cabin this weekend, and as some readers know, we survived the Old Fire that came dangerously close to Running Springs.

To see your house standing makes your appreciate what you've got. There were many homes that didn't make it. It makes you appreciate a lot of things you don't normally think about.

During the fire coverage, one of the TV news stations incorrectly broadcast that my friends' business, the Storybook Inn had burned down. But no fear, we had dinner last night in their new restaurant, The View (click on The View Menu). The food was excellent and moderately priced - which is saying a lot for mountain restaurants. Up here, restaurants open and close frequently, and when you find one like this, it's time to give it publicity.

Richard and Patty's Storybook Inn is also a great Bed & Breakfast, with fun theme rooms throughout their large property. There are also some spectacular photographs of the incredible 100-mile views from their sunporch.

The fire devastation makes things look like a moonscape. The nice thing is that the forest repopulates itself quickly, and the sunsets are still spectacular.

I am thankful for friends, holidays, great food and a cabin that is still standing.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 11/30/2003 at 14:30 Comments (0)


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