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Quote of the Day - We carried on like bandits, on-screen and off. - Michael Douglas

Where Was Their Lawyer During The TV Interview?

One of the the Barbie Bandits, Heather Johnston, went on ABC's Good Morning America yesterday.  She hasn't yet entered a plea in the case, but after this interview, I can't see how it could be anything other than guilty.  Read this story, and give it some thought.  Here's a quote from a portion of CNN"s story from the last link: 

"Johnston said the idea of robbing a bank began as a joke.

'I mean, it's crossed a lot of people's minds, from what I've heard,' she said.

But things did not go as expected. The two never got wigs as they had earlier planned. And after getting lost on the way to the bank, they initially went to the wrong bank branch.

'We took a wrong turn somewhere, ended up going to a completely different Bank of America,' Johnston said.

She said they called their teller contact and went to his branch without worrying about how the robbery would unfold. "We had an inside man," she said.

As the teller gave them the money, the cash nearly got away from them, too.

'He started throwing it and it was like going everywhere,' Johnston said.

She also talked about the stylish sunglasses she and Ashley Miller wore during the heist, which was meant to look like a robbery.

'We had got them a couple weeks before this even came up. Like, we called them our stunner shades,' she said.

Johnston laughed about what she and Miller did after the robbery: 'Go straight to the mall.' The first thing they did was visit an upscale hair salon to get highlights in their hair.

'Some of the stuff we did was pretty ignorant,' she said."

Ya think?  Even if the only knowledge you have of the law comes from television, certainly you know enough to not admit your guilt to the entire nation before you go on trial.

Maybe she's never watched Boston Legal, and just played video games.  Both Barbie Bandits are 19 years old.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 5/20/2007 at 02:18 Comments (0)


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