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Quote of the Day - The evil that men do lives on the front pages of greedy newspapers, but the good is oft interred apathetically inside. - Brooks Atkinson

MIPTC Announces Its Association With Newspapers; Dead Or Alive?

After Friday's pronunciation that newspapers are dead, you may be wondering why why MIPTC is announcing today its association with two news services, Newstex and BlogBurst

These two services take MIPTC's daily feed and channel it to various news services, including newspapers like the Washington Post and the Houston Chronicle.  Other services include Xinhua, the state news agency of the People's Republic of China, AP, UPI, the BBC, the Korea Times and Al Bawaba, the news source for the Middle East.

So why apparently concede to the success of newspapers despite my pronouncement that they're dead?  Your own experience and a close reading of my post shows that while newspapers may have one foot in the grave, they're likely to go the way of radio - still on the air and the choice of many New York train commuters. 

Besides, why not proselytize to the Middle East?

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 12/3/2006 at 12:37 Comments (0)


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