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Quote of the Day - Cases we'll be looking at concern ingestion of Vioxx for 18 months or more by patients with limited heart risk factors. - Kent Jarrell

Coast to Coast Internet Radio Takes on Vioxx

In an interesting development in Vioxx news, a New Orleans judge ruled that the $50M in compensatory damages were “grossly excessive.”  The judge upheld the verdict, finding Merck liable in the case, but ordered a new trial to decide how much the manufacturer must pay a retired FBI agent who suffered a 2002 heart attack after taking the painkiller for 2˝ years.

Join me and my co-hosts and fellow blogger Bob Ambrogi as we turn to two expert attorneys representing Vioxx clients for the lowdown.  Coast to Coast welcomes Attorney Tom Girardi of the well-known firm of Girardi Keese in Los Angeles and Attorney Paul Sizemore from the national firm of Beasley Allen located in Montgomery, Alabama.  Don’t miss this latest interview.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 9/7/2006 at 10:42 Comments (0)


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