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Quote of the Day - We have not inherited the world from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our children. - Kashmiri Proverb

What the USEPA Doesn't Know Won't Hurt US

Today in Chicago will be the first of five national dialogue sessions to solicit feedback on the "Draft Report on the Environment," (ROE) issued on June 23. The USEPA and its regional offices will conduct these sessions across the country.

This report presents the first national picture of US environmental conditions and health across five key areas: air, water, land, human health and ecosystems. USEPA has invited representatives from federal, state and local government, tribes, academia, nongovernmental organizations and private industry.

By the way, USEPA says that interested citizens will also have an opportunity to provide comments during each meeting. Thanks for remembering us common folk.

The five sessions will be held, Nov. 6 in Chicago, Region 5; Nov. 13 in Atlanta, Region 4; Nov. 18 in San Francisco, Region 9; Nov. 20 in Seattle, Region 10; and Dec. 12 in Dallas, Region 6. For specific information where in each city, send an email to Dawn Banks-Waller at the USEPA.

You can get a copy of the regular report or the scientific report and comment online, too.

According to the Executive Summary, the ROE will also tell us what the USEPA doesn't know about the environment.

So, if they don't know, how are they going to tell us they don't know? This will likely be the government's first attempt at existentialism.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 11/6/2003 at 08:21 Comments (0)


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