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Quote of the Day - Let it simmer. - Chief Justice Warren Burger

New Source Review Rules Go Final

The USEPA's New Source Review was published in the Federal Register today, and will become final in 60 days.

It's nothing new, having been proposed in December 2002.

The final rule requires replacement components to be "functionally equivalent" to existing components. In other words, there would be no change to basic design or to emitting capacity. It also sets a 20 percent limit on replacement cost for equipment to establish thresholds for plant projects.

If these restrictions are exceeded, the replacement equipment is subject to the New Source Review process. USEPA will supposedly continue to enforce violations of the previous New Source Review rules and will vigorously enforce any violations that occur under this new equipment replacement rule.

But, the USEPA says the new rule won't effect emissions. Right. As equipment gets replaced, it must comply with NSR regs, which will ultimately end up in less emissions.

And more cost to get there.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 11/3/2003 at 21:25 Comments (0)


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