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Quote of the Day - A successful lawsuit is one worn by a policeman. - Robert Frost

How to Get Sued

Most “How To” articles tell you how to avoid getting sued. For those who like living on the edge, here’s the other side of the coin, how you can get sued in 10 easy steps.

1. Take more than your share or provide less than you promised.
2. Blame it on someone else.
3. Ignore telephone calls.
4. Fail to respond to letters.
5. Tell them it’s their fault.
6. Rationalize your behavior.
7. Get angry in response to reasonable requests.
8. Delegate your subordinates to deal with it, and don’t give them any authority.
9. Trump up your own claims to offset their claims.
10. Tell your friends about how they took advantage of you.

Of course this list is endless, but you get the idea. These generic statements can apply across the board to practically any business. In the employment industry, one company identified 10 ways for employers to get sued

If you want to avoid getting sued, treat others fairly and solve their problems. That method creates goodwill, and increases the value of your business. If you provide more than you’re paid for, you create goodwill. Plus, it keeps you from having to hire a lawyer, which not only saves you money, but makes money for you too.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 12/4/2008 at 00:00 Comments (0)


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