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Quote of the Day - We've never had a top ten song. We've been close. I guess you could call us an album band. - Richard Young

Coast to Coast Internet Radio Covers The 2006 AmLaw 100 List Of Top-grossing Law Firms

The Am Law 100 list is out from The American Lawyer magazine, which lists the top 100 law firms by gross revenue.  What firms are on it?   Are there any changes from the past year?  What's the growing trend for the billion-dollar firm?

You'll find out on this edition of Coast to Coast with my co-host and fellow blogger Robert Ambrogi with our special guest Aric Press, Editorial Director for American Lawyer Media, which publishes the AMLaw 100 in The American Lawyer.  In January 1998, Aric became Editorial Director for American Lawyer Media and its entire portfolio of publications.  He joined ALM from Newsweek, where he had worked for nearly 19 years.  For the last ten, Mr. Press had been a senior editor in charge of Newsweek's coverage of education, law, news media, religion, science and sports. This broad assignment included subjects ranging from the latest developments in cancer research, to coverage of the Branch Davidians and the O.J. Simpson trial.  Before becoming an editor, he was Newsweek's justice writer for nine years.   A native of Cleveland, Mr. Press is a graduate of Cornell University and New York University Law School.

Don't miss listening to this show:   Aric counts down the Top 10 firms for us. 

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