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Quote of the Day - We're so excited to have EDGE here in Providence. Finally -- we'll have a website that can reveal all that our city has to offer. - Chris Harris

Coast to Coast Internet Radio Covers The Good, Bad and Ugly Of Law Firm Websites

Does your law firm's website have the right stuff?  Is your website really a good representation of your law firm?  Coast to Coast examines these questions with my co-host Robert Ambrogia fellow attorney and blogger, and getthe answers from the experts.  
You'll hear from Tim Stanley, former CEO and co-founder of FindLaw who now runs Justia, a web design company for law firms and member of the California Bar; Pete Boyd, Florida Attorney and President of PaperStreet which he founded in law school and legal technology consultant, and Dennis Kennedy who is also on the boards of Law Practice Today and the ABA Techshow.  Give this podcast a listen.

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