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Blawg Review Awards 2005 Announced

Blawg Review, that weekly roundup of the best blog posts and constantly-changing theme of writing, issued its Blawg Review Awards 2005, with a teaser at the end and perhaps another clue to the identify of the anonymous "Ed." who writes it.  MIPTC is pleased to take a bow, along with a cadre of much more qualified bloggers, for " Best Graphics on a Law Blog for the gorgeous redesign of May It Please the Court."  Thanks.

MIPTC is equally pleased that our effort on the weekly Coast to Coast podcast was likewise recognized for "Best Legal Podcast," with congratulations to my co-host, Bob Ambrogi, and our team of producers, Lu Ann Reeb, Scott Hess and Kate Kenney at Skyways Communications and the Legal Talk Network.

There are a host of other awards to other highly qualified blogs and bloggers worth your review.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 12/26/2005 at 11:13 Comments (0)


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