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Quote of the Day - A food chain is a vast hierarchy of predators, with plankton at the bottom and marketing executives at the top. - Rick Bayan

Smukers May Get Smacked

Last week, Smuckers got smeared with a lawsuit over its claim of 100% fruit in its jams.

Smuckers itself advertises "Simply fruit" both on its website and jars.

But, tests revealed that the spread contained less than 30 percent actual strawberries and the blueberry version contained just 43 percent berries, the lawsuit said. The suit was filed by a woman, Stephanie Schwebel, with a "sensitive palate."

I couldn't find where Smucker's website lists the ingredients, but it invites you to send an email to find out. The article cited above says the website lists the ingredients as fruit syrup, lemon juice concentrate, fruit pectin, red grape juice concentrate and natural flavors.

I just went down to the kitchen and couldn't even find a jar of it.

Guess I have to brave the picket lines and go to the grocery store to get some jam. I've heard it goes real well with ice cream, too.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 10/20/2003 at 22:44 Comments (0)


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