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How to Get Sued

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4/15/2016Brazilian Bank Robbers' Tinfoil Suits Evade Nothing
4/7/2016Cliffhanger Marriage Proposal Results In Rocky Rescue
5/14/2013Convicted Killer of Seven Wants Playstation in Jail Cell
4/26/2013The Big Print Giveth and the Small Print Taketh Away
4/19/2012How Congress Takes A Congressional Junket Without Letting Anyone Know
12/23/2011Private Parking Lot Owners Cannot Issue Citations With Fines
12/18/2011Four Young Men Building Ice Rink Nabbed By Cops
7/28/2009CEO, CFO And Manager Held Individually Liable For Employee Unpaid Wages Upon Corporation's Bankruptcy
3/30/2009Driving Drunk, Crashing And Calling 911 For Your Injuries: All On A Bar Stool
3/26/2009The Easiest Way To Make $10,000+++ Every 30 Days
3/22/2009Hair Spray For ... Lawns?
1/14/2009A Legal Challenge To God At President Obama's Inauguration
12/18/2008News Flash: Florida First Grader Robs Classmate Of $1.00 At Knifepoint
12/16/2008Can You Avoid The Tripwire, Please?
12/4/2008How to Get Sued
10/15/2008Can You Sue God? Is It Necessary To Join Satan As An Indispensable Party?
10/14/2008Supreme Court's Chief Justice Takes A Look Back To Writing Style Of The Fifties
10/13/2008OK, So I'm Not A Harvard Law Professor
9/30/2008Anonymous Artist Refuses To Authenticate Works; Auction Fails
9/25/2008Latest Financial News: Microsoft And Apple Take Over Failed Government Treasury Funds
9/20/2008Nine Points Of The Law
9/16/2008Watch What You Wear To The Gilroy Garlic Festival- They May Throw You Out, Top Hat And All
9/15/2008MIPTC Is Back Online And (Mostly) Fully Restored
8/27/2008The Copyright Wars Have Gone Criminal
8/18/2008When In Rome, Do As The Californians Do, Except When You're In New York
8/12/2008When You Define 'Livestock,' Would You Include Dogs?
8/10/2008No Honor Among Thieves: Black Hat Conference Press Room Hack
8/4/2008Nude Dancing A Protected Form Of Art, Iowa Court Rules
7/13/2008City's Potholes May Be More Than A Trivial Defect
7/11/2008How to Get Sued Book Signing At Hollywood Book Festival
7/9/2008The Fed Closes The Barn Door; Horses Reportedly Missing
6/25/2008Coming Soon: How to Get Sued To Be Available On Amazon's Kindle
6/17/2008Keystone Klutz Kauses Kozinski Kerfuffle
6/5/2008When I Was A Kid, We Walked Uphill To School Both Ways
6/4/2008More HTGS: Jail Time For Long Lawns?
6/3/2008How to Get Sued Released By Kaplan Publishing, Hits Number 1 On Best Seller List
6/2/2008More HTGS: Point That Gun Somewhere Else, Will You?
5/30/2008More HTGS: They'll Figure It Out Somehow
5/29/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Talks To Two Curmudgeonish Authors
5/28/2008Dive Your Plan, Plan Your Dive - Except If You Flaunt The Rules
5/25/2008More HTGS: Wolf Whistle Works With Woman While Walking In Wellington
5/24/2008Humor At The Pump Does Little To Lessen The Pain
5/23/2008More HTGS: That's More Expensive Than John Edwards' Haircut
5/20/2008More HTGS: Robbers Storm Australian Nightclub With Machetes; G'Day Mate
5/18/2008More HTGS: Trying To Find The Right Jury, With No Help From This Juror
5/17/2008Coming To You: More How To Get Sued
5/13/2008A Home With Four Walls, A Roof And A Floor, Right Off The Boat
5/2/2008When Grandma Goes To Court
4/25/2008Some Things Just Don't Go Together Anymore
4/23/2008How to Get Sued Hits An Amazon Best-seller List, And It's Not Even Out Yet
4/1/2008MIPTC Announces J. Craig Williams's New Book: How To Get Sued
3/30/2008Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom, Bah; Cheerleading Is Not A Contact Sport
2/28/2008That's A Negative Ghostrider, The Pattern Is Full
2/26/2008Verbal Contracts Aren't Worth The Paper They're Written On
2/16/2008MITPC Book Review: How Many Clients Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?
2/7/2008BrideZilla And GroomKong Or Legitimate Lawsuit?
1/30/2008What Do You Mean? We Didn't Know That! How Were We Supposed To Know?
1/15/2008How To Speak *LA*
12/21/2007With All The Best, From May It Please The Court
12/14/2007Who's Face Is On The Side Of That Milk Carton Billboard?
12/11/2007Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me
11/29/2007Wife's Sweet Email Whisperings To Lover End Up In Husband's Hands
11/27/2007Sorry, Your Honor, That Name Is Taken
11/19/2007Pet Trusts Come Into Vogue As Pets Get Old; Retirement Homes, Too
11/17/2007The Department Of Redundancy Department
11/15/2007When The Fat Pipe Gets Thin
10/20/2007Santa Monica: Liberal Or Conservative? You Be The Judge
10/19/2007Judge Throws Lightning Bolt At Reporter For Violating Trial Orders Issued To The Media
9/28/2007I'll Take Half And You Can Have Half
9/13/2007Are Tattoos A Constitutionally Protected Form Of Self-expression?
9/8/2007Obesity Is Not A Protected Constitutional Class
9/2/2007From Thongs To Saggy Pants, Louisiana Tries To Establish A Dress Code
9/1/2007High School Football Stadium Card Stunt Prank Successfully Imitates College Efforts
8/19/2007Private Company Levels Class Action Against DHL For Delivering Nothing More Than A Bill
8/12/2007Next Time, Deliver Them Yourself
7/28/2007Mr. Bumble Will Have His Day In Court; Disabled Plaintiffs Cry Foul Over Dismissals
7/27/2007Orange County Courts Outsource Data Entry Of Traffic Tickets To Mexico
7/25/2007Britons Ask Their Judges: Have You Lost Your Mind? Where's Your Wig?
7/17/2007How To Lose A CEQA Appeal, Even When You Win
7/15/2007Judge: Don't Read Newspapers Or Watch TV While You're On This Jury
7/14/2007New Advertising Campaign May Ditch Values, Create Liability - You Decide
7/12/2007Yikes! We're Running Out Of Lawyers
7/8/2007Right. And I'm The King Of England.
7/7/2007New York Arrests Its First Moviegoer Alleged To Have Illegally Videotaped Transformers Film
7/3/2007What's A Face On A Label Worth? You Might Be Surprised, But Then Again, Perhaps Not.
7/1/2007Spector's Lead Lawyer Films New TV Show During Spector's Trial
6/26/2007Pearson Gets
6/25/2007Genetic Testing Good Enough To Prove Man Wrongly Named As Father Isn't, But Not Good Enough For A Refund
6/23/2007Gifts Given In Anticipation Of Marriage Not Recoverable When Engagement Ends
6/19/2007New York Pays Woman To Go Topless
6/8/2007Avvo-cadabra; It's Got Me As A Cadaver
6/7/2007Poetic Justice
6/3/2007State Cannot Take Your Property Without Notice To You
6/1/2007Blogosphere Strewn And Littered With Corpses Of Anonymous Bloggers
5/28/2007Eight Wives, Two Years In Prision And Four Proposals May Yield More Jail Time
5/27/2007Conscientious Hit Man Refuses Plot To Kill Man's Wife, Mother-in-law And Daughter
5/20/2007Where Was Their Lawyer During The TV Interview?
5/14/2007Will Alabama Ban Possession Of Sex Toys Next?
5/11/2007Stealing A Website And Ignoring The Court Lands Former Doctor In Default
5/7/2007Free Speech Not Free When You Defame Others
4/29/2007A Post Office Is A Post Office Is A Post Office
4/24/2007Property Manager And HOA Named As Employer Where Unlicensed And Uninsured Contractor's Employee Injured
4/22/2007DNA Proves Husband Is Not Dad, But He Has To Pay Child Support Anyway
3/17/2007Leprechauns Banned From School By Principal For Green Hair
3/8/2007San Francisco Seeks To Limit Use Of Plastic Grocery Bags
3/1/2007Can You Curse At The Airport?
2/16/2007“I’m Not The Father Of Anna Nicole’s Baby - That I Know Of”
2/15/2007Alabama Sex Toys Fall Prey To Legislation Regulating Public Morality
2/7/2007Injured Skiers Don't Seem To Get The Message When They Sue Ski Resorts
2/5/2007Swallowing Her Words Proved Difficult, If Not Nearly Deadly
1/31/2007Yes, Goddammit, You Can Curse In A Public Meeting
1/27/2007No Wonder His Fees Were So Low
1/22/2007Forget $600 Hammers - How About A $500 Damage Limit To Cover A $1.8 Millon Loader?
1/17/2007How To Continue Your Trial Down In The Parish. Especially For Football Fans.
1/16/2007How Much For That Elbow Through The Painting?
1/14/2007News Flash: Marriage Discriminates Against Men In California
1/3/2007From The Battle of Hastings, We Get A Baby's Last Name
12/17/2006From A Holy City To A Ghost Town; Now What Do You Make Of It?
12/15/2006Cranky Doormats Offer A Double Dose Of Humor
12/10/2006Wholly Guacamole, Batman! How Many Avocados In That Dip?
12/7/2006U.S. Mint Does Literal Double-take Over Double Eagle Coins
12/6/2006Twice Is Just As Nice: If Firing Your Employee Didn't Work The First Time, Then Try It Again
11/24/2006Sure We Can Give Your Money Away; We're The Government
11/22/2006Don't Call Your Legislator; They're Busy Correcting Typos
11/17/2006Mile-High Club Violators May Be Banned From Membership
11/12/2006At Least He Didn't Change His Name To Barney
11/8/2006Do Gifted Students Have A Disability? Should 'No Child Left Behind' Be 'No Child Gets Ahead'?
10/28/2006The Halloween Queen Fights City Hall Over Sign Law
10/26/2006Legal News, Radio and TV Reporters Get It Wrong 50% Of The Time, According To Judges
10/23/2006Nebraska Court Snuffs Out Claim For T-shirt That Caught Fire
10/22/2006The Million Dollar Comma Used As A Curved Sword
10/17/2006Boys And Their Toys: Over Water, Over Land, And Be Fast About It.
10/16/2006Who's Running For President Next Term? Don't Use That Bumper Sticker.
10/14/2006The $80.00 Retirement Plan
10/13/2006Next Thing You Know, It'll Be McGroom
10/9/2006No Recovery For Slip And Fall While Walking Diogi The Dog
9/17/2006Liberty Dollar Coins Strike At Heart Of U.S. Mint
9/16/2006Who's Funding The Campaign Against Prop 87, The $400 Million Tax On Oil?
9/15/2006Video Blogger Headed For Jail, And Likely To Stay There
9/13/2006"You're Suing Me For What?"
9/10/2006Gnome Rats Out Burgular In England
9/9/2006Is There A Remedy For Every Wrong?
9/3/2006Saturday Night On The Town Foiled By Grocery Store Clerk
9/2/2006I'll Bet You $30,000 You Can't Finish That Hamburger
8/25/2006A Bump In The Moral Compass; But Which Way?
8/23/2006That's A Lotta Lotto
8/21/2006Homeowner Who Hires Next-door Neighbor Becomes An Employer, Liable For Injuries
8/20/2006LA Sludge May Move From Bakersfield To Arizona
8/19/2006Mayberry's Town Drunk Gets Competition From Lincoln, Nebraska
8/15/2006Who Owns Baseball Statistics?
8/14/2006Alligator Tears, Rabbit Feet And Tiger Claws Don't Support Claim Against NYPD
8/7/2006Toxic Superfund Site Turns Out Cancer-fighting Organisms
8/2/2006Pro Per Plaintiff Leaves No Doubt What He Thinks Of The Lower Court Proceedings
8/1/2006Leaky Condo Roof Turns Seller's Failure To Disclose Into Costly Exercise
7/22/2006Unmarried Couples Legally Live Together In North Carolina - First Time In Over 200 Years
7/21/2006New Zealand Cop Chastised For Legal Prostitution
7/19/2006Cable Guy Not Liable For Punitive Damages
7/18/2006Bigfoot Found In California Court
7/11/2006Prisoners Back In The Doghouse
7/5/2006Craziness On The Internet, And Other Things You Probably Didn't Want To Know
7/1/2006Divorces From The Grave - The Newest Legal Trend In Family Law And Probate
6/19/2006And With Tax, Your Total Comes To...
6/18/2006Headlines And Unfortunate Photographs: Are You My Sperm Donor?
6/14/2006Today's Mensa Pop Quiz: How Do These Expenditures Relate?
6/7/2006Judge Issues Erudite Decision Resolving Discovery Dispute By Rock, Paper & Scissors
6/1/2006There Were Just Too Many Questions
5/31/2006Court Declares Bloggers Journalists
5/30/2006Some Things Should Not Be Tried At Home. Or On Vacation.
5/29/2006It Gives New Meaning To The Term 'Short-Form' Tax Return
5/25/2006Spousal Support Doesn't Have To Last Forever
5/23/2006Would You Hire This Law School Graduate To Be Your Lawyer?
5/17/2006Fore Is Just Etiquette, Not A Requirement
5/16/2006Homemade Bomb And Lover's Spat Don't Mix Well
5/15/2006Buy As Much Gas As You Want At Cheap Prices
5/14/2006Cleaning Up Your Computer's Environment: Attorneys To The Rescue
5/13/2006Duck-and-Cover, Mushroom Clouds And Nuclear Fallout: Welcome To ... 1950 ... er, 2006
5/12/2006USACOE 3, Turtles 0, Beach Replenishment Still Undone
5/11/2006Art Imitates Life: Boston Legal Covers Internet Postings About Jilted Lovers
5/9/2006Don't Complain To Me: Write To Your Legislator
5/8/2006Hercules Takes On Wal-Mart
5/7/2006Professor Beats Team Of Lawyers, Bar Association
5/5/2006Line 7 to Line 21 - How (Not) To Get To Zero On Your Tax Return
5/3/2006Fluorescent Justice Shines A Cool Light On New York's Night Life
5/2/2006Woman Marries Man, Marries Man, Marries Man - Perhaps As Many As 15 Men
4/29/2006There Are Some Things You Shouldn't Blog About
4/25/2006DMV, DUI, DUH! We May Need To Breathe To Start Our Cars
4/24/2006They Hired The Right Employee To Keep Track Of Work Absences ...
4/13/2006MIPTC's Travel Report From Scotland: The Wales Edition, Part III (The Final Post)
4/12/2006MIPTC's Travel Report From Scotland - The Wales Edition, Part II
4/11/2006MIPTC's Travel Report From Scotland - The Wales Edition, Part I
4/10/2006MIPTC's Travel Series: The Inverness Edition, Part IV
4/9/2006MIPTC's Travel Series: The Inverness Edition, Part III
4/8/2006MIPTC's Travel Series: The Inverness Edition, Part II
4/7/2006MIPTC's Travel Series: The Inverness Edition, Part I
4/5/2006MIPTC's Travel Report From Scotland - The Scotch Whisky Edition
4/4/2006MIPTC's Travel Report From Scotland - The Highlands Edition
4/3/2006MIPTC's Travel Report From Scotland - The Hero Edition
4/2/2006MIPTC's Travel Report From Scotland - The Edinburgh Edition
3/31/2006Big Or Small, 2,500 Square Feet Measures the Same
3/28/2006It's Not Nice To Fool The Attorney General (Or The Court Of Appeal) With Prop 65 Settlements
3/26/2006Headlines That Don't Make Sense Until You Read The Post: Out, Out Damned Spot, But I Can Still Do 185
3/25/2006Government Threatens To Prosecute Private Company Who Does A Better Job
3/8/2006Smoke 'em While You Got 'em. You May Be Paying The Taxes Anyway.
3/7/2006Now Where Did I Put That Railroad Car?
3/5/2006You're The Judge: Do You Force A Rape Victim To Watch The Videotape Of The Crime?
3/2/2006Sea Sponges Take Over Appellate Brief
2/20/2006Where Is The Lesson In $990,000 Award To Hell's Angels?
2/18/2006A $35,000 Marriage Contract Gone Awry?
2/17/2006Take It With A Grain Of .... It's Not A Pollutant Anymore
2/16/2006Copyright Issued To Pole Dancer Teaching Exercise Class
2/15/2006Student Coursepacks Need Copyright Permission
2/11/2006"We're Not 'Within The Class Of People' Required To Pay Taxes," And Other Fantasies
2/10/2006Dividing Up Life Insurance Without Directions From The Insured
2/7/2006The $1.5 Million Facsimiles You Received On Your Fax Machine
2/6/2006Kicking The Tires And Looking Under The Hood Of Professional Licenses
2/5/2006Read That Job Description Carefully
2/4/2006The Court Writes Another Boring Indemnity Opinion - Or So They Say
1/30/2006Incentivizing Trust Babies To Work For Their Inheritance
1/27/2006Can Skiers And Snowboarders Co-exist In The Slopes Of The Court Of Appeals?
1/25/2006Paying Taxes: Sport Or Folly?
1/24/2006Those Pesky Little Licenses For BlackBerrys and Utah Dads
1/20/2006Specific Employment Class Action Waiver Held Enforceable
1/17/2006The Shortest Sentence Introduces The Long Arm Of The Law
1/16/2006Parents Can't Divorce Children
1/15/2006Type In Your Search Query, And Your Computer Will Guess Your Weight
1/13/2006Property Owner Denied Right To Recover Environmental Cleanup Costs
1/6/2006Review Of New 2006 Legislation For California
1/5/2006Butterflies Or Buggies? Tough Choices For Nevada Sand Dunes
1/4/2006Who Owns Baseball Statistics?
12/30/20052005 Legal News: The First Annual Legal Louie Awards
12/29/20052005 Legal Louies To Be Announced Tomorrow
12/28/2005The Time To Enforce Payment Of Your Mortgage Is A Long Way Off
12/23/2005The Theory Of Punitive Damages Gets A Christmas Facelift
12/22/2005Law Firm Partnership Agreements Upheld Against Fee-splitting Allegations
12/20/2005More Prop 65 Cases Settle
12/18/2005DNA Divorce Vows: Test Me, Test You, Test The Children. What's Next?
12/17/2005How A Dissent Can Become A Majority Opinion
12/16/2005Senator Lott Sues State Farm Over Hurricane Damage; Convinces Senate To Pass Aid Package
12/11/2005Sex With Minor Insufficient To Revoke State License
11/30/2005Black-and-Blue Berry May Suffer KO
11/29/2005Don't Drink That And Don't Eat That. Just Stick With Water. And Don't Forget To Exercise, Too.
11/27/2005The Interplay Of Politics, Money, Insurance, Courts And Pollution
11/22/2005Closing Meetings To Discuss Eminent Domain Litigation Puts San Diego's CCDC In Hot Water
11/17/2005Planning A Flight For The Holidays? You May Have To Fight For Your Flight
11/16/2005SFO Prop 65 Warnings Now Must Be Posted In Three Languages
11/8/2005Why Lawyers Blog, And The Benefits We All Derive
11/6/2005Life In The Big City
11/4/2005Clarity To New Bankruptcy Law Precludes Classifying Lawyers As Debt-relief Agencies
11/2/2005Who Teaches Your Children About Sex?
10/17/2005Blawg Review #28
1/5/2005Your City Leaders Aren't Listening To You
12/29/2004Niagara Falls? Slowly I Turned, Step by Step, Inch by Inch.
12/25/2004Season's Greetings
12/24/2004Big Bad Bikers Deliver Toys To CHOC Before Christmas
12/23/2004How The Grinch (Almost) Stole Christmas Vacation
12/21/2004It's A Wonderful Life: Paul For Postmaster
12/20/2004You Were Looking For A Meal Ticket? (UPDATE AT END)
12/20/2004New Graphics Refreshed
12/17/2004Defining the Essence of Spin Doctoring
12/16/2004Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes and Co- Co- Co-Bloggers
12/10/2004How To Turn One Page Into A Lawsuit
12/7/2004Technology Outstrips Wiretapping Law
12/5/2004The Grinch Stole? Arrest Him.
12/2/2004California Lawyer's 2004 Legal Follies
11/29/2004What's Your Handicap?
11/21/2004Insurance Companies Must Insure, And Not At The Risk of the Insured
11/17/2004Courts Work To Help Inexperienced Litigants
11/13/2004Mold Contamination Covered By Insurance
11/6/2004Can You Say That On The Internet?
11/1/2004Should We Expect Bias In Arbitrators?
10/29/2004Mechanic's Lien Invalid If No Work Done On Site
10/28/2004Business Owners May Be Personally Liable
10/21/2004The Tail Wags the Skunk
10/20/2004Insurance Coverage Crammed Into Eight Corners
10/15/2004Say What You May On eBay?
10/8/2004Insurance Policies Cover Heating Oil Spills
10/2/2004Difficult Decisions
10/1/2004The Debates and Why We Hire Lawyers
9/30/2004"I agree." No, I Didn't Really Mean To, Though.
9/29/2004Taxing Tobacco To Tie Tongues?
9/25/2004Inquiring Minds Don't Want To Know
9/23/2004Mr. Ed Rolls Over In His Grave
9/20/2004How Much For That Lawyer In the Window?
9/19/2004Here's A Tip - You Don't Have To
9/13/2004Dying for a Discount At Costco
9/12/2004Mustang Ranch Lives On In Nevada
9/9/2004Running Your Business Into Retirement
9/1/2004Let's Pave Over Paradise, Too
8/31/2004Investing with Fred Flintstone
8/30/2004Rumpole Rolls Over In His Grave
8/29/2004Firing, Not Prosecuting, The Crooked Cops
8/28/2004Is That Your Signature?
8/26/2004Boy Drives Car, Corvette Ad Pulled From Olympics
8/24/2004Food Fight From New York to Dallas
8/23/2004Hacking the Hackers
8/16/2004Watching Regulations Get Smaller?
8/15/2004Kindergarten and Sandbox Litigators
8/7/2004Blame McDonald's? Try Blaming Your Fork
8/6/2004Form Over Function Wins Again
8/5/2004Maybe It Doesn't Flow Downhill
8/4/2004Drop Any Calls Lately? Blame Your Neighborhood
8/3/2004How to Hire a Lawyer?
8/1/2004Here's a Surprise: The ACLU Takes A Stand
7/31/2004Insurers Lose Battle Against Customers
7/27/2004Watch the Road or Watch a Movie? Watch Out.
7/26/2004Editing DVDs - Pornography Controls Gone Mad
7/25/2004Most Important Legal News Today - The Top Chip
7/24/2004Trading Lightning Bolts With Federal Judges
7/23/2004TiVo Tackles Football
7/22/2004Frampton Comes .... From Behind
7/21/2004One Thing Missing From Jail? Beer.
7/20/2004What's In A Name?
7/19/2004Do You Need Toner For Your Fax Machine? Read This
7/17/2004"I want a raise." "You're fired."
7/16/2004Cell Phone Boycott? Wouldn't Work Here.
7/14/2004Is Your Attorney Really an Attorney?
7/13/2004My Learned Friends, Want to be A 1L?
7/9/2004How Not To Get Out Of Jury Duty
7/7/2004It's Not Easy Getting Old and Robbing Banks
7/6/2004He and She Were Married, Now He's a She. Yikes!
7/5/2004Court Makes Your Email Open to Copying
7/2/2004Farming Kentucky Bluegrass in Idaho, Not Iowa
6/30/2004The Old Man Lectures on Campfires
6/28/2004Seize Goods At the Border Without Litigation
6/26/2004Taking From the Prosecutor - Not a Good Idea
6/23/2004One in Four Credit Reports Bogus
6/21/2004The Marshmellow Warrant
6/17/2004Give a Dog A Bone, Not an Arm or an Ankle
6/11/2004New Biology, Weird Outcomes
6/2/2004Ideas Come From the Craziest Places
5/31/2004By Any Other Name, It's a Wall of Roses
5/25/2004Other Insurance Clauses Limited in Scope
5/21/2004Burned Houses Still Charged Full Insurance Premium
5/19/2004Two-timing Mistress/Wife Heads to Prison
5/18/2004Limitation, Schmitation. Who knew?
5/16/2004Doughnut Maker Creamed, but The Religion's OK
5/15/2004No More Crack, or Let's Go Thongspotting
5/14/2004Bring Money, Guns and Lawyers
5/10/2004Can You Pay Back These Fines?
5/8/2004Go To Prison, Get A Flat-Screen TV
5/1/2004Cell Phone Police In the Courtroom
4/18/2004Maybe He Was Looking for Another Drink
4/13/2004Call me from the Mountaintop
4/12/2004Flying the Tricks of the Trade
4/7/2004Who Can Help Me Buy A House?
4/5/2004Forget Buying Bridges, How About an Ocean?
3/31/2004I Play More Notes Than You Do
3/30/2004Two-timing, Conspiring, Murderous Wife Guilty
3/28/2004Immunity for What?
3/22/2004No Damages for Spousal Dysfunctions
3/19/2004Legislating Drunk Driving
3/18/2004Reverse Fishing Gone Awry
3/15/2004Good Ole Boys Down Here in Mississippi
3/14/2004Winning Doesn't Pay
3/13/2004Water Figures are All Wet
3/12/2004No Easy Decision - The Value of Pets
3/10/2004Spicy Facts, A Mistaken Murder and Two Juries
3/7/2004Georgia Lawyer Disbarred for Overbilling
3/6/2004Sole Proprietors Thrown To The Wolves
3/1/2004Rent-a-Husband meets Civil Procedure 101
2/25/2004The Government Discovers the Internet
2/21/2004Want Some Ginsu Knives?
2/15/2004Can You Get Wine from Here to There?
2/10/2004All the Cost Without Any of the Fun
2/7/2004Fajitagate Turns into $33 Million Lawsuit
2/5/2004How To Avoid Liability for Your Neighbor's Toxics
2/4/2004Mad Cows Or Mad Scientists in the USEPA?
2/2/2004Architectural Acupuncture or Building Codes?
2/1/2004The Dog Has The Better Case
1/31/2004Allstate Can Discourage Hiring Lawyers
1/30/2004Get Your Pet's Prenuptial Agreement Here
1/28/2004Oxymorons - Government consultation
1/27/2004Eternal Triangles in Utah
1/22/2004Kansas? From South America to the Smithsonian
1/20/2004What? I Have To Pay For My Electricity?
1/19/2004Is Your Chocolate Heavy?
1/18/2004Watch Where You Walk - It Could Blow Up
1/16/2004An Uncharacteristic Rant - Way Too Many Ads
1/10/2004Measure H is for High, not Hereditary Genetics
1/6/2004Eggs Gone Mad - Where's the Parents Here?
1/5/2004What Will Jimmy Buffett Sing About Now?
1/3/2004Banishment Revived Among Indian Tribes
1/2/2004$9M in Virtual Game Money
12/27/2003Ground Zero - Legislation by the Executive Branch
12/26/2003Trespassing in Cyberspace
12/25/2003Twas the Night Before Christmas - Legally Speaking
12/22/2003Wear a Vest or Dodge Bullets? Maybe Both.
12/20/2003Sure, Search My Car. I Want to Go to Jail.
12/19/2003Nicked Pics and Judicial Picks
12/18/2003X for Snowmobiles in Yellowstone
12/16/2003Ruling on Snow(mobiles) from Afar
12/12/2003Zounds! Briefing in Crayon
12/11/2003Quashing Grand Jury Contempt Orders the Right Way
12/8/2003Mistakes 1, 2, 3, and 4 - Membership Card Revoked
12/5/2003Air Pollution: Getting Less Fast Enough?
12/4/2003Dirty Harry's New Law for 2004
12/1/2003Commonalities in Polygamy and Same Sex Marriages
11/29/2003Not Blackwells' List - 13 Judicial Hellholes
11/28/2003Handwritten Note may Force $16.5 Million Purchase
11/26/2003Perish the Thought - Citing Unpublished Opinions
11/25/2003Pumping Water Turns into Fire
11/24/2003Insurers Held to Tight Deadlines
11/22/2003The Blawg Roundup
11/20/2003College Tuition & Dynamite - How They Go Together
11/19/2003You're Kidding!!!!!! It's Not True?????
11/18/2003NIMBY Turns Into NIMO
11/17/200314 States File to Enjoin Loosened Air Act Regs
11/16/2003Lawsuits Over MTBE Contamination May Soon Go Away
11/14/2003Big Exxon Verdict, Small Dispute
11/13/2003Solutions for Strip Mines and Scarred Landscapes
11/12/2003Will Rocky Go Down For The Count?
11/12/2003Write and Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go
11/11/2003What's Your Number? (A Bad Telemarketer Line)
11/10/2003New York to Enforce Air Laws the USEPA Won't
11/9/2003The MATRIX Knows All
11/7/2003Air Pollution Control Enforcement Eased Back
11/6/2003If You Dare to Read Them
11/4/2003Tell me it ain't so, Jerry Springer
11/2/2003Punitive Damages Available Against the Navy
10/31/2003Former City Dwellers Sue Neighboring Farmers
10/30/2003How Not to Manage Fire Information
10/29/2003Hangnails and Hanging Chads
10/27/200330 Miles of Fire
10/26/2003The Business of Baseball's Boys of Summer
10/25/2003Knees Squeezed? Try This!
10/24/2003The Contrast Between Workers and Politicians
10/22/2003Only in Iowa
10/21/2003Box Cutters Can't Cut Through Red Tape
10/20/2003Smukers May Get Smacked
10/19/2003The Merry Wives of Email Theft
10/18/2003EPA Chases More Air Pollution Settlements
10/17/2003How Not To Pay for Environmental Contamination
10/15/2003Covering the trial
10/14/2003What Can We Pledge Allegiance To?
10/13/2003Oh bother! What's another $500,000?
10/11/2003Stopped at the Border, Dirty Air Not Allowed In
10/8/2003Keep a Stiff Upper Lip, Old Chap, and Pay My Fee
10/7/2003Elvis is Dead. Climate Change is Happening.
10/4/2003Don't Call Me, I'll Call You
10/3/2003Wormholes: Bring Money, Guns and Lawyers
10/2/2003We've Been Warned
9/30/2003New Law: Driving While Snoring
9/29/2003The "Gore Factors"
9/28/2003Touch Me, But Don't Invade My Privacy
9/27/2003Two Towers, Two Planes, One Occurrence, Too Bad
9/26/2003No Lift for this Lift Kit
9/25/2003We Can Pay Any Punitive Damages You Can Award
9/24/2003Spam- Soon to be Illegal in California
9/22/2003USEPA Just Can't Get It Right - 17 Years Later
9/19/2003Blawg, Blawg, Blawg - One to Note
9/17/2003Celts Corral Cigars - California Style
9/16/2003Hanging Chads and Hanging Voters
9/13/2003Litigation + Budget Crisis = Taxifornia
9/12/2003Plenty Of Dogs In This Fight
9/10/2003Into the Lap of Justice
9/10/2003It Was A Litte Early for Easter
9/9/2003We Never Even had the Chance to Complain
9/8/2003Are We Killing Ourselves With Our Forks?
9/8/2003Perfectly Sassy Hunts Down the Treasure Law
9/8/2003Agrrr, Matey, Did Ye Steal My Treasure?
9/7/2003No Free Lunch for Class Action Opt-outs
9/5/2003Eureka! But Not Anymore
9/4/2003Spying on the CIA and AG
9/3/2003The Long Arm of the Law Stretches from CA to Maine
9/1/2003There's a new Sheriff in town - it's a Satellite
9/1/2003How to Balance California's Budget
8/30/2003It Doesn't Pay to Fool Mother Nature
8/29/2003I'll Take Two Lumps, Please
8/29/2003Swimming and Diving in 3/4 Time
8/25/2003Go Forth and Copy No More
8/22/2003Take my Ring, but don't Take my Money
8/22/2003Assisting in a Crime Makes You Guilty of the Crime
8/21/2003Can I have a Witness (fee)?
8/11/2003Shark proof
8/7/2003A View From Behind the Bench
8/6/2003Trying a Case to Win It

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