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JCW Turns 50 and Looks At Life Now

These Are The Good Old Days

I'm not in the office today, and won't be in this weekend, a bit rare for me lately given how busy things have been lately (in the last four years since WLF | The Williams Law Firm, PC started).  It's not because a case settled (although that's true - one resolved just before the end of the business day). 

This time, it's a once-in-a-lifetime weekend.  April 28 is my 50th birthday.

Perhaps this post is a bit self-indulgent - not your typical "here's the case of the day."  But it's perhaps more of a time for reflection than writing about the latest decision from one of the courts that find their way into this blog on an almost-daily basis.  It's about writing and the realization that I'm actually 50.  At the end of this summer, MIPTC will have turned four.  A bit young compared to me, but don't worry - you get all that experience.

At least that's my story.  And I'm sticking to it.

One of my dear friends, Jeff Lewis, who writes SoCalLaw Blog, sent an email to me today to report that after much reflection he's elected to stop posting.  Closing that blog will leave a huge hole in the blogosphere, and I have to report my disappointment.

For me, posting has become a great way to stay informed.  It requires me to read, and read a lot about what's going on - not only blogs (which tend to be my first source) but also legal news and sometimes even regular news.  Jeff's decision to stop writing caused me to question whether I should keep writing given how busy things have been lately.

I thought about it for about three seconds and then said, "Nah, I'm not going to stop, I love to write."  It's an expression of what's going on in the world and another way to look at it.  My reports to you of cases try to look at both sides of the matter or the event I'm highlighting, and very subtly give you the way I see it without coming right out and saying it.  According to what you tell me, it's working so far, and I appreciate your votes of confidence.

I'm not really sure I'm fifty, despite what my birth certificate says.  I am pleased to report that I couldn't find an expiration date on it, so I'm expecting at least another 50.  Even so, I still feel like I'm about 23 or so, and I'm still skiing and scuba diving like I did then.  It's my mindset.  Another dear friend of mine, David Moore of Reid & Hellyer in Riverside (who was admitted to practice law in 1965 and has one of the lowest bar numbers I know of) reports that all in his life is well because he is "upright and air is moving in and out of my lungs."

It's a bit more than that for me.  All of my body parts are working as far as I can tell, although after one of my sport outings it's obvious from the pain and torture I go through that they've fallen out of warranty.  Despite that pain, there are still several goals I have yet to meet.  Hang gliding, parachuting, kitesurfing and several others come to mind. 

Getting out of bed and standing up is certainly a good start, but it far from ends there.  The intellectual challenges of work coupled with some traveling, enjoying family, trying out new sports and contributing to the community all are part of it.  Most unusual, however, is how much more comfortable I am with myself and how little it matters what others think. 

Perhaps that freedom comes from independence - financial, work and personal, and perhaps a few other sources.  Most of all, though, I think it comes from within and believing in yourself.

Maybe it takes 50 years to get there.  Maybe it's more important to just be here now.  I think I'll go with the latter.

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